We are Fresh Produce Media, champions of clamor, masters of narrative sonic entertainment. Our mission is simple: ensure that everything we develop becomes a giant leap forward for the audio storytelling industry. We shun the ordinary and strive for the unexpected. We believe in telling great stories that connect with our audience and letting their imagination do the rest. As caretakers of these aural tales, we take great pride in the trust that visionary creators have shown towards us and are determined to continue to rise to every occasion. So join us as we take complex and nuanced stories and allow them to unravel and spin into a delightful treat for your ears and minds.


The Big Lie

Created by writer/executive producer John Mankiewicz (“House of Cards,” “Bosch,” “House, M.D.”) and featuring a star-studded cast led by Jon Hamm, Audible Original series THE BIG LIE is the gripping true story behind the making of America’s only blacklisted movie.

Punk In Translation

This podcast series explores Latin musicians’ criminally under-celebrated role in the origins and history of punk music starting with the amazing story of “? and the Mysterians.” We look at how a small Michigan band made up of the children of Mexican migrant workers helped define and inspire the punk genre through their seminal masterpiece “96 Tears.”

Broadway Revival

What happens when “The show must go on!” meets a global pandemic? In this illuminating four-part podcast, host Faith Salie looks at the lives affected by 2020’s shutdown of Broadway and the subsequent reopening of productions there and across the country.