August 10, 2022 Fresh Produce

The Audible Original and Volume 29 of the Words + Music series, Tenacious D: The Road to Redunktion tells the story of the rock duo that labeled themselves the best rock band on earth (because if you aren’t going to champion yourselves, then who will?) in a delightful two-hour journey that features 30 years of never-before-heard archival audio and seven newly recorded catalog songs mixed with funny and heartfelt anecdotes. Jack Black and Kyle Gass may have started out as two theater students making their way in Los Angeles, but they’ve since released albums, toured the world, and made TV shows and films, alongside each other and always strengthening their friendship.

During this interview with Collider, Black and Gass talked about how fun it was to take this walk down memory lane, enjoying the process of recording this audio project, the important role their editor played in telling a cohesive story, the key to the success of Tenacious D, how they found themselves in a recording studio with Dave Grohl, and whether they’ve ever considered directing anything, outside of Post-Apocalypto.